All workshops are professionally-led by PhD-level presenters who are recognized experts in their field and experienced in teaching about diversity and inclusion.

Mosaic Workplace Best Practice Certification

Consider enrolling on our collection of workshops to earn Mosaic Workplace's Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices Certification for yourself, or for your whole organization!

Course 1: Diversity Best Practices (M & HR)

Course 2: Best Practices in Human Resources (HR)

Course 3: Best Practices for Mental Health in the Workplace

Module 1: Employee Mental Health (E)

Module 2: Company Mental Health (M & HR)

Module 3: Work-Life Balance (E)

Course 4: Sexual Harassment Training

Module 1: Employee Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (E)

Module 2: Bystander Training (E)

Module 3: Supervisor Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (M & HR)

Course 5: Best Practices for Gender in the Workplace (E)

Course 6: Gender and Sexual Minorities Best Practices

Module 1: Sexual Orientation and Employment Best Practices (E)

Module 2: Gender Minorities: A Pronoun Primer (E)

Course 7: Best Practices in Race & Ethnicity

Module 1: Understanding Race (E)

Module 2: Introduction to Implicit Bias

Module 3: Recognizing Implicit Bias

Module 4: Disrupting Implicit Bias

Course 8: Disability Best Practices